The move to SpeedFox was painless. Your support staff as awesome, they moved my files and I didn't have to do anything. So glad I found SpeedFox.


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Transfer a Domain Name. It's Easy - Let us Move your Files for you!

Free Transfer Service

Tired of switching hosts? Let us take the pain out of switching providers. We will move your files from your old provider to SpeedFox.

Sign up for a web hosting account using our secure on-line order form.

If you need us to move your files from your previous host to SpeedFox, please complete this online form.

Edit your DNS: In order to start using your domain name with your new hosting account, you must point your domain to our nameservers. Be sure to provide us with your username/password for your domain name registration so we can edit your DNS to our nameservers. Or if you prefer, you can edit the DNS yourself and let us do the rest. It is that simple!

Shared Hosting Nameserver information:


VE Hosting (Virtual Private Servers)

Note: This service is for current SpeedFox customers only and includes the move of one (1) domain name only. Additional domains can be moved at a fee of $25 per basic site and $50 per ecommerce website.


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