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SpeedFox provides Site Map Creator, Page Rank, Keyword Suggestion, Link Popularity, Keyword Saturation tools, and more.

Today’s e-trepreneur must develop marketing strategies that appeal to both search engines (search engine optimization or SEO) and strategies that also appeal to human needs and tastes. Think of it this way: SEO gets them to your site; attractive, sensible marketing (no hype, please) gets them to make a purchase. You need both to become a successful on-line business owner and Speed Fox delivers the marketing tools you need to grow your site to profitability in the shortest amount of time. You’ll need applications, tools and services, along with the knowledge of just how to market your sparkling new site, in order to achieve the success you envision.


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Internet Marketing Tools

Selling Your Website: Speed Fox Marketing Tools – Free!

On the web, it’s all changed. Marketing, which has a long tradition and ironclad ‘rules of the game’ has been completely revamped. In the real world, marketing is straightforward: place an advertisement in the local paper or the yellow pages and wait for those customers or clients to call or stop by. Not so with on-line businesses. The rules have changed and Speed Fox delivers precisely the tools you need to make an impact in the fastest growing marketplace ever – the world wide web.

Many on-line business owners neglect the marketing aspect of their web sites, assuming that good products or services at a reasonable price will lead to ultimate success. Nope. Everything’s changed.

Speed Fox delivers both the tools and the know-how to jump start a start up and see results in weeks instead of months or years. Who’s got time to wait that long before sales start paying for your site and your efforts? You want to launch your site and see those orders coming in ASAP. The longer your site languishes on-line, the more money you lose. Speed does count, here.

How do I get started with Internet Marketing?

  • To get started, contact support through our help desk (be sure to include your web hosting username or domain name) and our support staff will provide you with a link to the marketing center which includes all the tools, listed below.
  • If you are not yet a SpeedFox web hosting client, order hosting online.
  • Get started with your Internet Marketing Plan.

Site Map Creator

A site map is a display of all the different pages and zones within your site. A site map link should be available on every page of your site so that visitors who are lost or confused can find their way back to the home page or to the specific page they were looking for.

A site map is a visitor accessibility tool. The easier it is for visitors to maneuver through a site, the more likely they are to stay on that site (and buy something). If a visitor gets lost or stuck in a dead end link, they’re going to leave without making a purchase. The Speed Fox Sitemap Creator makes site navigation a snap for visitors and for you.

Page Rank

How do you stack up against the competition? Well, it’s quantified by your site’s page rank and this tool provides your site’s page rank (PR) along with the PRs of the competition. That means you can learn a great deal from successful competitors – everything from the key words they use to drive visitor traffic to products you might want to add to your offerings.

Keyword Suggest

This tool provides keywords (words entered by search engine users to find specific products or information) that you may not have considered. It also helps you determine which of your key words are pulling the most traffic to your site. Sure, you may have the top three or four keywords used to find sites like yours, but this tool shows you what key words search engine users are actually using to find your products or services. No more guesswork. You know these key words work.

Link Popularity

One contributing factor to how a site is ranked is the number of non-reciprocal in-bound links it has. A link from another site (without a return link, which can usually be obtained via a link swap) indicates to search engines that your site is one that other site owners refer their customers to. Collect enough of these in-bound links and your site will be designated an authority site and your PR will rocket to the top of search engine results pages or SERPs.

Keyword Saturation

If you’re using the same key words as 20,000 other, similar sites, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle all the way to drive organic (search engine) traffic to your site. Every pet shop on the web uses the key words pets, pet store, pet food, etc. so you end up competing with thousands of other sites for the attention of search engine users.

However, if you select key words that are used less frequently, you’ve cut down on the number of competitive sites. So instead of pet food, use animal chow as a key word. Not as many search engine users will enter animal chow compared to pet food, but you’ll be competing against a lot fewer pet stores. It’s one way to build your business quickly.

Search Engine Position

How does your site measure up against larger, more successful sites? This tool shows you where your site appears in the long list of other on-line businesses selling the same items or services. So what?

Well, first it’s good to know who your successful competitors are. Second, learn from successful competitors. Use keywords they use. Design your site in a similar fashion. Include the bells and whistles the successful sites have. For example, if the top 10 sites all have blogs, that’s a pretty good indication that you’ll need a blog as well. That’s one of the best things about on-line marketing – you can learn from the competitors and they won’t even know they’re helping you out.

Website Analytics

This tool is an absolute essential for every site owner. Site analytics, sometimes called site metrics, tell you how visitors arrived at your site, i.e., organic SERPs, links, pay per click advertising (PPC) and so on.

This tool enables you to follow visitors as they move through your site, indicating how many pages each visitor looked at and where they went when they left your site. Website analytics also helps identify site pages that are confusing to visitors, your site’s bounce rate and reams of other useful data that will help you quickly tweak your site to success, the operative word being quickly.

Affiliate Marketing

Use other web sites to drive traffic to yours by becoming a host company to a large number of affiliate sites. Or, become an affiliate site and start earning cash faster.  For example, if you maintain a site designed for pregnant women, you can become an affiliate of a crib set maker, a toy seller, a baby food manufacturer and other sites selling products to the new mom and dad demographic.

You place a link on your site that hooks you up to other relevant sites. Then, when a visitor to your site clicks on that link, you receive a flat fee or a percentage of what that customer buys – even if they don’t buy something for six months.

If you’re the host, other sites link to you driving traffic to your site. In this case, you pay your affiliates every time a visitor performs the most desired action or MDA. The MDA might be a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or filling out a form. Once the MDA has been completed you pay the affiliate site owner who directed that visitor to your site. It’s passive income – something you don’t have to add to your to-do list.

Put Them All Together For Marketing Success

Now that you have all of these marketing tools (free with your Speed Fox account) how do you use them to create marketing synergies that have a positive impact on your web-based business? Here’s a list of steps to get you started:

  • 1. Open a free Google account and use Google’s Webmaster Control console to track the success of your marketing efforts. Google offers a great deal of information on how to make the most of your site. After all, they want you to succeed just as much as you do.
  • 2. Create a sitemap using the Speed Fox Site Map Generator. You can then submit your site map to Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. It’s a lot like an invitation to search engine spiders to crawl your site. You get noticed by search engines quicker. Your site is also completely and accurately indexed by search engines because you’ve provided them with a map to follow.
  • 3. Use the Speed Fox Key Word Suggestion tool to develop a list of key words that work. These key words should appear within the body of your site text at a rate of about 2%-3% percent. So, for every 100 words, you’d used important keywords two or three times.

If you exceed that key word density, search engines might consider that text as spam – something of little or no value to site visitors, and search engines rely on quality results. That’s why they don’t like spamlish. Too much hype; too little good information.

  • 4. Use the Link Popularity Tool to monitor inbound links from relevant sites. Take steps to increase these inbound links by syndicating content or employing hosted content on other sites. It works and it improves your PR faster, too.
  • 5. Use the Search Engine Saturation, Analytics and positioning tools to keep up with the competition. Work to create in-bound links as soon as possible. They’re gold when it comes to your search engine PR.
  • 6. Start an affiliate program. Offer competitive sites an opportunity to earn a little revenue from your efforts. Think of it as renting space on other sites. It’s not a must have, but it does build business quickly – and isn’t that what you’re after?
  • 7. Finally, stay tuned in to the web marketing world by visiting the Speed Fox article center and other webmaster sites. The marketing rules and regulations change often so what worked 36 months ago may well get you slammed by search engines today so it is critical to stay current on best marketing practices.

You’ve already made the best move by signing up with Speed Fox as your hosting company. Speed Fox delivers all the tools you need to build, launch and administer your web site. And all of these tools and applications are free with your hosting account.

So, take advantage of this basket of goodies and get your site up and running faster and start earning cash faster for all of your hard work. You can do it with Speed Fox as your partner.

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