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The spam that we received daily to our business was getting totally out of control. I signed up with SpeedFox web hosting and tried their spam solutions software. It is easy to use and helps a great deal to minimize the spam that we receive.


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SpeedFox hosting plans include SpamAssassin - absolutely free.

Spam Assasin

SpamAssassin- is a mail filter that identifies spam. Using its rule base, SpamAssassin- uses a wide range of tests on mail headers and body text to identify "spam", also known as unsolicited commercial email.

Once your email address apears on the spammers' mailing lists, it's almost impossible to remove yourself completely; your address is already "out there" and circulating, being bought, sold, traded, shared and stolen on the spammers' market. For a variety of reasons, spammers frequently use any of a variety of methods to hide the the "From:" and/or "Reply-To:" email addresses in their messages. Spammers usually try to conceal their messages' true point of origin to evade discovery of their actual identity and avoid responsibility for their actions.

How to get started with Spam Assasin:

  • Shared Hosting Customers: Access your hosting account's control panel and click the "Mail Info" icon to enable antispam. From there, you can configure for a mail domain or configure it individually for a specific mailbox.
  • Virtual Private Server Customers: Login to your Private Server control panel and select the "System" tab. Then, click the "Spam Assasin" link.

The spam-identification methods that SpamAssassin - utilizes includes:

Header Analysis: Spammers use a number of tricks to mask their identities, and to fool you into thinking they've sent a valid e-mail, or fool you into thinking you must have subscribed at some stage. SpamAssassin tries to spot these.

Text Analysis: Again, spam mails often have a characteristic style, and some characteristic disclaimers and CYA text. SpamAssassin can spot these, too.

Blacklists: SpamAssassin supports many useful existing blacklists, such as, or others.

Razor: Vipul's Razor is a collaborative spam-tracking database, which works by taking a signature of spam messages. Since spam typically operates by sending an identical message to hundreds of people, Razor short-circuits this by allowing the first person to receive a spam to add it to the database -- at which point everyone else will automatically block it.

Once identified, the mail can then be optionally tagged as spam for later filtering using the user's own mail user-agent application.

SpamAssassin requires very little configuration; you do not need to continually update it with details of your mail accounts, mailing list memberships, etc. It accomplishes filtering without this knowledge, as much as possible.

Help: SpamAssasin documentation

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