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I was looking for a web hosting firm that offered the web 2.0 applications I needed, such as Blogs, CMS, Web Calendar and hosting with PHP, perl, mySQL with ecommerce like Miva. I found it with SpeedFox. The prices are cheap but their service is the best.


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Web 2.0 Applications

Server Applications

Easy Apps Read more about how you can get free Web 2.0 applications for each of your domains. Remember - SpeedFox offers hosting packages that can host unlimited domains. This means that each of your domains has access to these apps: blog software, CMS, poll, photo galleries, chat, ecommerce, bulletin boards, more. Read more about our Hosting Applications.

Distributions and OS

Red Hat RedHat Linux is our preference for server software. Red Hat is the dominant supplier around the globe for Linux server software.
Included with Web Hosting

mySQL MySQL is a fast, robust and reliable database platform. It is easy-to-use yet powerful and selected by many webmasters as their database of choice.
PHP PHP4 (PHP 4.1.1) PHP has been compiled for full database connectivity support (mySQL, ODBC)
Open Webmail Open WebMail - Web Based Email is an email access program that provides a convenient way to manage email via any web browser.
Webalizer Webalizer is a sophisticated statistics software that produces graphical pictures which make it easy and quick to gather a clear and concise picture of the overall traffic activity on a website.
Perl Perl is available with all hosting accounts. Perl is a high level programming language and it is significantly faster than its predecessors. It is memory efficient and is a fairly easy language to create and debug.
Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft FrontPage helps make multimedia websites a reality. Our servers carry the FrontPage Extensions as server-side support. We support all kinds of FrontPage extensions, starting at FrontPage 97, 98, 2000 and the newest FrontPage 2002 version. Since the hosting platform is UNIX based, ASP and Access databases are unsupported at this time.
Real Server - Streaming Harness the power of Real Audio and Real Video Streaming via HTTP. Your UNIX hosting account comes with full support for streaming recorded Audio or Video in the Real, Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Player (ASF) format. You can even stream MP3s! Your visitors will be able to enjoy your multimedia recordings while they're being downloaded. No more waiting for files to be completely downloaded before you can listen to them.
Macromedia We fully support MacroMedia Flash and MacroMedia ShockWave multimedia utilities for your website. You can now host Flash and Shockwave movies with 100% convenience as you know your hosting accounts definitely supports all Flash and Shockwave technology. If you want, you can even design your whole website in Flash - it will run perfectly with a Speed Fox hosting account.
Macromedia Dreamweaver Macromedia Dreamweaver - We fully support this increasingly popular HTML editor. Design your web pages, upload your files and much more with this easy to use "what you see is what you get" website design program.
Server Access Logs Do you still want to generate your own statistics apart from the ones we provide? You wish to access your log files manually? No problem! We provide full RAW ACCESS to un-processed log files. You will get full access to the webserver's "access_log" and "error_log" files.
Python Powered Your account will be enabled to run Python 2.1 programs and scripts. Being as powerful - some say even more powerful than PHP4 - Python is an extremely versatile programming environment. This increasingly popular language should be considered as a basis for any serious projects.

Commercial Applications

(Optional Applications)


Sun Chilisoft ASP Chilisoft! ASP is very popular among programmers. It is an ideal solution for webmasters who are looking for cross-platform compatibility.
Macromedia Macromedia ColdFusion is scalable platform that is frequently used to run isolated applications with their own instance, allowing programmers to separate server resources.
Miva Miva Merchant 5 Software is the ecommerce webmasters choice for advanced applications. Commonly referred to as the "industry standard for ecommerce", Miva is easy enough for newbies yet sophisticated enough for high-volume stores with a large inventory.
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