Your free hosting offer and website tools are excellent. And I did not even have to pay a setup fee!


Money Back Guarantee

Earn Free Months of Web Hosting

SpeedFox hosting offers significant discounts for pre-payment on your web hosting account.

Pre-payment discounts are available for those that pay up front. For example, annually means you pay up front for one year. You must pay the full year at once in order to receive the yearly discount.

Discounts are available for the following billing cycles:

  • Quarterly - 10% discount
  • Semi-Annual - 15% discount
  • Annual - 20% discount (That's 2 1/2 months FREE!)
  • 2 Years - 30% discount (That's 7 months FREE!)

How do I get free Hosting Months?

To get free months, all you need to do is order one of our low-cost hosting plans at their regular price. Upon checkout, our system will discount your hosting purchase. The discount will be applied automatically and the amount discounted discount depends on the billing cycle that you choose. For example, if you order hosting for one year, we will discount your order by 20%. This means you will get 2 1/2 months FREE! If you order hosting for two years, your order will be discounted by a whopping 30% which means will get 7 months free hosting!

Is this offer available with both Shared Hosting and the VPS Plans?

Yes, the discounts and subsequent free months of hosting are available with both our shared hosting plans and our virtual private servers.

Do I still get a money back option with my order?

Yes. All our hosting plans come with a 30 Day Money Back Option so your hosting order is risk free. To complete a cancellation and take advantage of this option, just fill out our cancellation form and your hosting purchase will be refunded to you. Keep in mind, however, that once you complete the cancellation form, your files will be deleted from our servers - so be sure that you want to close your account before completing this form.

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