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High quality web hosting technical support is a marketing tool that pays off well in terms of referrals and repeat web hosting sales.


A Winning Strategy When Charging Hosting Fees

What to charge has always been a huge challenge for web hosting resellers everywhere. This has become even more complex with the increased competitiveness in the hosting business.

Actually what has happened is that most web hosting provider have decided to go for the low end and charge the lowest fees possible hoping to get the volume to make this strategy profitable. The truth is that in the wake of such stiff competition it is very difficult to get web hosting clients in volumes, no matter how low your fees are.

The right strategy to use is to segment the market and charge different fees for different levels of services. One of the huge advantages with this approach is that it is a very effective way of getting clients to appreciate what they are paying for. In fact on many occasions it causes clients to opt to pay more so as to receive more.

Virtually every segment of the web hosting market that one may want to target can easily be dissected into the high end and the low end and it therefore makes plenty of sense to target both ends of the market.

It is important to note that on many occasions the introduction of premium services has increased revenue. And an obvious point to reflect on is that quality support provided is a marketing tool that never stops in terms of referrals and repeat business.

The web hosting industry is no exception in segmenting a service and there is plenty of demand for high value premium web hosting services; maybe even more than the cheap low end hosting services that everybody seems to be rushing to introduce into the market these days.


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