I did a lot of research about vps hosting options and found more information about Virtuozzo than I did any other platform for virtual private servers. The control panel seems to be the most powerful and the most stable. I chose Virtuozzo with SpeedFox and am very happy hosting my sites on their network.


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Virtuozzo Technology

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With VirtuozzoTM technology, each VE (virtual environment) behaves exactly like an isolated stand-alone server.

  • Appears to have its own processes, users, and files.
  • Each has its own IP addresses, port numbers, tables, filtering and routing rules.
  • Each could have its own configuration files for the system and app software.
  • Each could have its own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones.
  • Each could delete, add, modify any file, including files in /root, and install its own application software or custom configure/modify root application software.

Virtuozzo Dynamic Partioning

  • Dynamic partitioning of servers into Virtual Environments (VEs) with full dedicated-server functionality, root access, rebootable, ability to install any application, change any file.
  • Resource Management - CPU, memory, disk, I/O, etc., min/max values for each VE. Full isolation of VEs.
  • OS Virtualization allows full OS environments to quickly be moved between physical machines
  • OS and Application Templating enables automated mass deploy of OS updates and applications.

Due to Virtuozzo- s fair-sharing technology, each partition can have almost the same power as the full server. Each partitions has full dedicated-server functionality, - root access provided with virtual private server plans, rebootable, ability to install any application, change any file.

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