I chose the shared hosting control panel because it looks so simple. I am glad I did. I have added 23 domains and they are all easily managed from within this one interface.


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Control Panels Available with SpeedFox Accounts

SpeedFox offers hosting on 2 different control panels. This allows customers to choose the control panel with which they are most comfortable.

Shared Web Hosting - Control Panel

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For general-purpose hosting, we recommend the Shared Hosting Control Panel. Speed Fox has developed and deployed one of the most robust control panels around. It provides a simple, easy-to-use web interface that can be maintained from any computer with an internet connection. This control panel is great for beginners or anyone that wishes to use an easy, yet complete and all-inclusive tool for their websites.

VPS Hosting - Control Panel

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More advanced users take advantage of the Virtual Private Server Control Panel. Manage Unlimited Domains with the SpeedFox Advanced Control Panel. This web-based control panel will offer you full control over all aspects of your hosting account. It has been designed with our customers in mind. It is very powerful and is based on a database therefore extremely fast. It has a built-in help function on every page.


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Two Different Control Panels Available